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I believe our personal possessions have meaning.  In fact, I believe that the things people value lend great insight into their owners’ private feelings and the way they view life.  For instance, a person who places great importance on money and whose dearest possession is their bank account views/lives life very differently than a person who has just enough money to survive and cherishes things that have some non-monetary significance.

The added significance of a homemade quilt or other special object enhances the quality of life and can serve to remind us of happy times and people we love.  When I tuck the kids under the blankets their Auntie made for them, bedtime has been improved; the necessary animal function of sleeping has been transformed into a ritual of relaxation and affirmation.  

I feel that all sentimental objects add a dimension to life that nourishes our souls while our bodies go through the motions of living.