I often wonder about the “meaning of life,” and what it means that I even wonder.

Does the meaning of life really matter as much as the purpose we each assign to that life?  I guess the meaning of life is to be alive, and nothing more.  The purpose of life (in my view) is more complex: to love and connect with others (in a family, partnership or friendship), to learn and use life’s lessons to better oneself, to be a steward to the Earth and enjoy Her bounty.  If everybody sought these purposes in their lives and stopped pursuing money and “success” as the ultimate measures of life’s worth, I believe a lot of this world’s problems would cease to exist.

As a result of our technological advancements in recent decades, we are connected with more people around the globe.  I don’t think this is an evolution of our consciousness, but rather a coincidental symptom of the disease that is sweeping the world. I think that people around the world had a more parallel mindset back in the times before global connection, when the focus of our lives was the home, family and homeland.

But what’s done is done, and now we do have the opportunity to share information with people we, the general public, would not have been able to contact just 100 years ago.  So we should use this opportunity to do good, to help clean up the mess we’ve made of the planet.